Daikin Fit Heat Pump or Air Conditioner

There are new technologies being developed in the world of HVAC systems all the time, as greater efficiencies are discovered which can benefit homeowners and workplace managers or owners. The new Daikin Fit line of heat pumps and air-conditioners have combined the most state-of-the-art features into new units that provide the utmost comfort, while also delivering energy efficiency which will help you save on your utility bills.

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Daikin Fit technology

The whole point of Daikin Fit technology is to make inside air as refreshing as the great outdoors, only with better comfort and greater control and efficiency. Using Daikin Fit technology, you can create your own unique ecosystem, so that every single day is perfect on the interior of your residence, and that means you will have ideal temperature and humidity, as well as air that is perfectly clean and fresh, like after rain has fallen outside.

The Daikin Fit technology includes a side discharge, a smart HVAC system that doesn’t skimp on comfort, and which is easily integrated into ducted solutions. Today’s market is somewhat saturated with a number of expensive high-tiered inverters, and the Daikin Fit technology offers a premium made efficiency system at a rate that everyone can afford. The unique low profile of our outdoor unit provides solutions that a traditional cube system simply cannot match.


Your expectations regarding comfort should always be high with regard to your HVAC system, and the Daikin Fit technology delivers in a major way. The system includes an inverter unit that operates continuously but will adjust compressor speed in order to satisfy demand. Given that it will maintain a constant temperature on the interior of your home, you’ll never again experience periods where it’s too hot or too cold.

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When you’re talking about space, the Daikin Fit technology allows you to exceed the limitations of any traditional HVAC system. Every home is unique and that means every home has different comfort needs. Traditional cube style systems have been popular for a very long time, but they can certainly be awkward and cumbersome in certain spaces around the home. The Daikin Fit technology calls for a compact unit which still provides the utmost in comfort to home occupants, so you don’t have to compromise on the unit to achieve a desired comfort level.

Daikin Fit Outdoor Unit Features

Some of the outstanding features on your Daikin Fit unit include a (1) variable speed DC fan, which is practically noiseless in operation, while still operating at a high-efficiency level. You’ll also have (2) bluefin corrosion coating, which is a hydrophilic coating that helps keep your coils clean, and is rated at 1,000 hours of salt spray as a standard. The (3) 7 mm coil provides high heat exchanger efficiency in a compact casing design that is one of the best in the industry. There’s also a (4) refrigerant circuit which is responsible for cooling the inverter board, so that you won’t have any condenser fan pressure drops. A newly developed (5) swing compressor adds a high level of efficiency to the unit, and keeps it functioning at a very reliable rate.

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