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Daikin outdoor air conditionerIf you recently see an increase in your utility bills, it could be due to an under-performing air conditioner. Even if, after continuous repairs, your air conditioner is not working well, it is time to have your air conditioner checked. You will either need your existing air conditioner serviced or you will need a new air conditioner.
Only an HVAC service professional can let you know which you need. We at Randy’s Heating and A/C offer high-quality air conditioning services for Port Orchard, WA residents. As an established and experienced company, we provide the following air conditioner services:

  • Diagnostics
  • Inspection
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • New AC installation

As there are different air conditioning systems, you need to choose contractors that can work on all of them. We have been offering services for various brands and models of used and new air conditioners systems since 1990. We know how air conditioning works and, therefore, can help with any issues we might encounter.

New Air Conditioner Port Orchard

Usually, air conditioners work well for a very long time if they are well maintained and regularly serviced. However, despite the servicing and maintenance, these units have a limited lifespan, after which they must be replaced.
When you choose a new air conditioner, you need to consider these factors:

  • Price
  • Type of unit
  • The tonnage of the AC
  • Size of area to be cooled

If you cannot choose the right new air conditioner for your home, we are here to help. We have been offering new air conditioner installation for Port Orchard residents for a long time now. We will provide the new air conditioning installation services using the best HVAC technicians and equipment available today.

Port Orchard New AC Installation

Not only do you need to choose the right air conditioner, but you also need the right professional HVAC company to handle the new AC installation. You want one that has been in the business for quite a while and has a good reputation in the Port Orchard area.
It would be best if you chose us for new AC installation in Port Orchard as we are:

  • Experienced
  • Efficient
  • Experts
  • Affordable

Call us and come to your home or business, assess your air conditioning needs, and recommend the right-sized air conditioner. You will receive a written estimate of all the costs involved in installing a new AC unit that meets the needs of your home or business.
Feel free to Call Randy’s Heating Services at 360-621-6915 anytime you need services for your air conditioning system in Port Orchard.

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